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Meet Your Personal AI-Powered Kitchen Assistant

Simply type a recipe idea or some ingredients you have on hand and DishGen's AI will instantly generate an all-new recipe on demand...


AI-Powered Recipe Magic

DishGen is a revolutionary AI-powered recipe generator. Enter your desired ingredients, recipe ideas, or dietary preferences and our advanced algorithm will instantly craft a completely unique recipe just for you. Join us in transforming the way we plan and prepare meals.

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Reduce Waste - Save Money

The average family throws away $150/month in wasted food. DishGen helps you save money by creating intelligent and delicious ways to use up leftover ingredients. Input the ingredients you have on hand, and our AI assistant will suggest unique recipes. Less waste, more savings.

Generate and Modify Infinite Recipes

With DishGen, a truly infinite world of culinary possibilities are at your fingertips. Each time you search, our smart AI-driven recipe assistant invents a new recipe from scratch. If it's not perfect on the first try, you can even request changes in real-time. Use the form above, or try our Advanced Creation tool.

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Creative Meal Planning in a Snap

Meal planning is a breeze with DishGen. Say goodbye to hours spent browsing cookbooks or searching recipe blogs for ideas. Our powerful Idea Generator can provide 7 different suggestions for any requirements or list of ingredients. Then, it can create complete, detailed recipes for all your favorite suggestions.


How it Works

At the heart of DishGen is a revolutionary generative AI tool that is capable of understanding your request and generating creative, custom-tailored recipes.


Enter a Prompt

Enter the ingredients you have on hand, or a recipe idea you'd like to try. You can also specify dietary preferences, such as vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free.


DishGen Creates

DishGen’s generative AI will parse your request and generate a brand-new recipe in seconds - complete with title, description, ingredients and steps.


Modify & Save

If the recipe isn't perfect the first time, you can request modifications. Then, register for a free account to save, print, and share all your recipe creations.


DishGen Basic accounts are free forever. Premium offers unlimited usage and powerful features to save more time, cook better meals, and reduce waste. For most families, Premium can pay for itself by reducing food waste in just one use per month. Learn More About Premium »

Monthly Plan (Save with Annual)


What's Included

  • Personal Use Only
  • 15 Recipe Credits per month
  • Recipe History & Bookmarks




What's Included

  • Personal Use Only
  • Unlimited Recipe Credits
  • Idea Generator Tool
  • Recipe Modifications
  • Remix Existing Recipes
  • Personalized AI
  • No Ads


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What's Included

  • Everything in Premium
  • Image Generations (Beta)
  • Privacy Mode
  • Commercial License to Use & Distribute Recipes


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