Advanced Recipe Generator

While you can type anything that comes to mind into the primary search form, this advanced generator can help you fine-tune your prompts to get even more accurate results.

Step 1. Recipe Idea

Begin by providing a clear and detailed description of what type of recipe you would like to create. Rather than 'pudding', try 'a rich chocolate pudding for my 5-year-old's birthday'...

Step 2. Ingredients

[Optional] Provide a list of specific ingredients that you would like to include or exclude. For example, if you want to make a chocolate pudding, you might include 'chocolate' and 'milk' and exclude 'eggs' and 'refined sugar'. Separate multiple ingredients with commas.

Ingredients to Include
Ingredients to Exclude
Max Ingredients

Step 3. Special Considerations

[Optional] Check any of the following boxes to indicate special diet considerations that you would like to the generator to take into account.